Dear Visitor!

My name is Akos Fazekas. I am a guitarist and songwriter from Sopron, Hungary. I play the guitar in several bands, such as Art of Haven, Epitaphium, Montivagus, and in my solo project called Akos Fazekas. My main passion is to write emotional songs which are spiced with virtuoso guitar solos. My main influence is mother nature, the long walks in the forests, my thoughts about life, love, and hate. All my bands have a different music style:

  • Art of Haven is a melodic metal music with female vocals.
  • Epitaphium is a true black metal band.
  • my own solo project Akos Fazekas is a hard rock-like band, but it comes with more modern elements such as progressive synths and bass guitars, played by Szabolcs Szkróbó. ( VirrasztĂłk, P. Symmetry )
    Check out my music under the “discography” menu! I hope that it speaks for itself!
    If you have any questions, or if you’re just searching for a session guitarist, feel free to contact me!

Best regards:

Akos Fazekas